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    Jokadou District is located in the North bank region. It is bordered by the Miniminiang Bolong on the east, the Senegalese boarder on the north, the Lower Nuimi boarder on the west and the river Gambia on the south.
    With an estimated population of 25,470 (including 12,990 women) distributed within 40 villages, the inhabitants are mostly Fulas, Wollofs, Serreres, Mandinkas, Manjakos, Mauritaneans, Bambaras and some Burkinarbe. Generally, like most rural Gambians, farming employs more than 95 percent of the population of the district, cultivating agricultural crops such as millet, rice, maize, and groundnuts for livelihood sustenance.
    According to the CDDP poverty study report of the district, out of the 40 villages in the District, 5 where considered non poor, 7 poor and 31 very poor.
    Other economic activities include petty trading, orchard development, vegetable production, masonry, tailoring, fishing, carpentry blacksmith and bee keeping. There are two weekly markets, locally called Lumoo established within the district at Jamagen and Kerr Jaine and both are gradually growing to meet the demands, needs and aspiration of traders and the general public of the area. Predominantly, Islam is the religion widely practiced although there exist some few Christians and other beliefs.
    The major health records within the District includes malaria which affects everybody but very severe with children and pregnant mothers.
    The District is blessed with health centers located at Kuntaya and Bakang and a host of other maternal and child health outreach clinics, 13 lower basic schools, two basic cycle schools, one senior secondary school more than 10 Arabic schools, one multipurpose skill training center, an agriculture substation, 2 police posts, 2 groundnut buying seccos and a host of milling machines across the District.
    The District was established as part of the government administrative functions of the rural council in complimenting governments efforts in local administration. The district is headed by a district chief supported by district tribunal and council of elders located at community level.



    We have a passionate and dedicated team of Jokadou descendants based both locally and in the diaspora.



    • Bai Saine Chairman
    • Nyimasata Jarju _Vice chairwoman
    • Basiru Gai _ PRO
    • Alpha Sey_ Asst. PRO
    • Modou K.A Ndure Secretary General
    • Modou Lamin Saine Asst Secretary General
    • Samba A Johm_ Treasurer
    • Tamsir Gaye_Asst Treasurer
    • Amat Tijan Jallow_ Auditor
    • Aji Gas Lowe _ Ex-officio 
    • Alpha Khan _Ex-officio



    • Babally Ndong _Focal Rep Kerr Jarga Ward
    • Omar Gaye_ Focal Rep. Kerr Jarga Ward
    • Omar Drammeh_ Focal Rep Dasilameh Ward
    • Ebrima Darboe _Focal Rep Dasilameh Ward
    • Aji Fatou Cham_ USA 
    • Kenbugul Johm_UK
    • Mustapha Jobe _UK
    • Bubacarr Sanyang_Austria




    • Muhammed Ndure _Legal Adviser
    • Horja Cham Kebbeh_Adviser
    • Mariatou Fofana_ Adviser
    • Babou Gai _Adviser
    • Gida Khan _Adviser
    • Alh Ebou Cham_ Adviser USA
    • Hon. Alh Dodou Jome Adviser _USA
    • Bubacarr Gassama Adviser _Germany
    • Sulayman Cham Adviser _UK