Learn more about our completed and on-going infrastructure projects below.

    Completed Solar-Powered Water Borehole at Kerr Abdou Fadi

    The drilling of a borehole for the community of Kerr Abdou Fadi commenced on 28/01/2020 and completed on 10/03/2020. The people of Kerr Abdou Fadi benefited from a fully constructed borehole to provide them with a clean and safe drinking water. It was sponsored by Jokadou Development Association at a tune or cost of D256,465 (approx. US $5200). The borehole is fully functional and handed over to the people of Kerr Abdou Fadi.
    On behalf of the select committee on water, the executive, the general group and the people of Jokadou residing within and abroad. We are thankful to all those who have in one way or the other, contributed to the drilling of the for the community of Kerr Abdou Fadi.
    We are looking forward for more boreholes to be drilled for other communities in Jokadou.

    On-going Water Borehole Drilling Project at Daru Fodayba Village

    We are currently working on drilling a water borehole for the people of Fodayba Village. We continue to seek donations and any other form of support to complete the project.