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    Drinking Water


    Providing Electricity

    Completed Solar Project in Kerr Badi

    Building community

  • Jokadou Development Association

    Harnessing the power of unity for the betterment of our citizens


    The Jokadou District is developed into a vibrant, cultural and socio-economic entity where development will be initiated and managed by the people


    To nurture genuine partnership with development actors both within and outside the District in making basic services and needs of the population accessible and affordable for the general welfare and improved livelihood of the people in a lasting and sustainable way.


    To increase crop production and productivity, access to reliable and safe drinking water, improved infrastructural development and road network and access to basic utilities at affordable terms and conditions for the well-being of the people of the District without compromising the remaining flora and fauna of the region.

  • Our Projects


    Partnering with government on initiatives that promote and enhance education


    Sponsoring agricultural projects across all villages such as rice farm projects


    Building the necessary infrastructure for economic growth and development


    Partnering with government and NGOs on health initiatives for the district at large

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    We are currently fundraising to complete a Water Borehole Drilling Project at Daru Fodayba Village.


    We Are Counting on Your Support to Complete These Great Projects!


    With the great support of our community and partners, we successfully completed key projects as highlighted below.

    Community owned Rice Farm Project in Jokadou

    Rice grown locally for the community

    On-going Water Borehole Drilling Project at Daru Fodayba Village

    Completed Solar-powered Water Borehole Project at Kerr Abdou Fadi

    Recently completed water project at Kerr Abdou Fadi providing clean drinking water for the entire village

    Solar panels to power water borehole at Kerr Abdou Fadi

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